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Tips to choose colors for a website

Quite often, people cannot stop their choice on a suitable design for their web site, entrusting its creation to professionals. Indeed, it is not that simple to determine what kind of style will correspond your business and reflect the specifics of your firm. You may have your head overfilled with ideas or you may have no ideas at all, in any case it is really hard to make up your mind and decide what kind of online resource you really want to get at the end. The specialist from one of the developing companies in NY warn those people, who have decided to create company web site to take the choice of its design and style very seriously, as this factor may influence the success of your company greatly.

It is not a secret that day after day, more and more people tend to buy goods not in the regular stores, but in the online shops, as such purchases allow to save not only your time, but also money. So, the web site of the company turns from a simple business card to a shop window, which presents your products to online customers. That is why its is so important to pay a serious attention to its development. It is necessary to create such a resource, which, from the first sight, will awake interest of online customers and make them buy goods that you offer.

The experts in the sphere of site development from NY firm say that color plays one of the most important roles in web design. So, in case you have problems with choosing the best style for your companys online resource the specialists advise to begin with the selection of the appropriate color palette. The color palette is a set of colors used in the design of the site. The specialists from NY advise to put special requirements to the choice of color palette, because the colors do not only define the appearance of your site, but is also associated with your brand on the Internet. Most palettes consist of 2 or 4 colors except white and black. Lets try to figure out the best way to create a color palette for the site, with the help of useful tips from NY designers.

First of all it is very important to choose a primary color. Therefore, if you already have a logo, it is better to use the color, which is used as the main color of your logo. If you have to choose the color from scratch, you can use the other way. Try to analyze the audience of your website in terms of age or social criteria. It is clear that the older generation will prefer to browse the site that is created with the use of pastel colors, while young people will definitely appreciate bright and eye-catching design.

Another rule, which you should keep in mind when choosing a color palette for your web site is contrast. It is important to choose colors that provide good contrast between text and background images. For example, it is easy to read black on white or white on black. But the orange text on a brown background will not provide enough contrast. Such color palette will definitely create an inconvenience to readers.

Once you have chosen a color scheme that provides a good contrast between text and background, you need to select additional colors. Typically, this are shades of your basic colors. They can be used in text links or decorative shadows in text. Do not overload the site with lots of colors, it will create unnecessary chaos and scare off your visitors. It is advisable to use from 4 to 6 colors on the site.


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