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How To Correct Your Posture

How To Correct Your Posture

Modern life can bring you with so lots of convenience, but it is also taking much from you, especially the health problems. In this article, we will discuss about one of the aching matters that happen to a great amount of officers. It is the posture problems. The image of an office with silent uniformed people sitting hours by hours in front of the computer screen is gradually familiar to us. But few people spend time considering how that prolonged sitting affects your spine and posture. That is only one of the various typical examples. There are more and more activities which can do harm to your body and make your postures become abnormal and sometimes make you uncomfortable such as sleeping with wrong position, standing for a long time, driving, carrying bags or heavy things on the same shoulder, etc. All of these can easily become bad habit, slowly affect and damage your spine and your neck. It can even create the terrible pain when become serious. The first advice is that you need to listen to your body more properly. You should notice that when you feel the pain on your back or neck, it is possibly that you have suffered poor posture for a long time. And if the situation is even more serious (the pain gets worse and constantly in days or weeks), maybe it is not helpful at all without asking the medical advice. It is fortunate that scientists have realized the situation soon and they found some easily methods to improve it. In this article, we will supply readers with some simple ways to correct your bad posture.

1. Keeping your body aligned

One of the very first suggestions is that you should train the habits of distributing your body weight evenly when standing. Try to regularly pay attention to your position. Keep the body straight and balance to the front, back and left/right sides. In case you often sit on a chair in your office, get used to sitting straight with your ears, shoulders and hips in a line. You should also stand up to do some tiny exercises after sitting for hours. Even you have got a good sitting position, it becomes bad if you keep it for a long time. Avoid abnormal postures like leaning to one side for too long, tilting your head to sides, hunching your shoulders or unevenly crossing your legs.

2. Trying yoga

In addition to being a shoulder pain relief, yoga is one of the most incredible ways to help you correct your posture. Making friends with yoga is one of the best advices for you. Judi Bar, manager of the yoga program at Cleveland clinic’s Wellness Institute says ““Lengthening the spine is really just coming to a normal, well-aligned, physiologically good stance.” According to her opinion, yoga is one of the most thorough methods to lengthen your spine. Some of the simple yoga activities are recommended for particular problems of your body. For example, if you wish to have your muscles relaxed, you may try the cat pose: place the knees and hands on the floor while round your back toward it. To maintain your healthy spine, try the mountain pose: raise your chin while rolling the shoulders back to get the arms relax by your sides. To improve the neck and upper back, activate your laziest arm muscle while stretching the tightest ones. Applying these patiently and you will gradually get back your healthy, strong spine and muscles features with nice postures.

3. Trying 135 degree angle sitting

This advice is given by an expert of health care and it is applied widely all over the world. The important point here is that you have to remember to practice the position. Choose a good chair which can help to train your back. Sit straightly and slowly move your back until your body line make an angle of about 135 degrees to the chair vertical line. This position may decrease the stress on your spine and help you to avoid neck aches.

4. Avoiding sitting on your feet.

Dr. Cynthia Vaughn, American Chiropractic Association’s spokeswoman said that: “Women are the guiltiest party of this. This is a big-time problem because you’re creating a tremendous amount of external rotational problems with that hip and knee.” She suggests that people should not sit on their feet more than 10 seconds, and avoid making habit of sitting on the feet. Prolonged sitting on that position may create bad effects on your knee and hip. In some unavoidable cases, try to cross your legs to make the circulation by putting pressure on 2 legs in turns.

5. Holding your smart tools properly

A lot of people often ignore this issue while it is one of the most annoying habit that cause bad posture and problems on the spine, neck and shoulders. As you know, most officers now own a smart phone or a tablet. After 8 hours working at their office, they continue to sit or lie holding the phone/tablet in wrong positions. This is extremely bad for the body while they have to bend the head down to the screen. Try to hold the phone straight with both hands in front of your face. If you are just reading, try to put your phone or tablet on the table without touching them.

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