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Big Fat Rajasthani Weddings and The Decorators behind Them

Pompous weddings are to Indian Festivities what Dal baati churma and Ghevar are to Rajasthan.  Everyone’s been to one of them, and have fond memories of what they ate, what they wore, and most often, how great the wedding procession and the venue looked like. Just like the grand weddings all over India, the weddings in Rajasthan, especially in Bikaner and Jaipur owe their success to the unsung heroes of the events: The Wedding Decorators. Being a  wedding decorator in Jaipur or a wedding decorator in Bikaner naturally becomes a feather in the cap of any decorator since wedding seasons witness the most pretty but grand wedding events decked out in glamorous designed props, drapes, with the best caterers the region has to offer, and who else can think of a wedding without the best in-house photographers.

A beautiful decor is an integral and expected norm of any unforgettable event, whether it’s a wedding or a reception. Gone are the days when people used to hire decorators for simply arranging flowers at their weddings. These days you will find a wedding decorator who’s hired to arrange multiple aspects of the wedding; the venue, the decorations, the caterer, the photographer, the artists (if any) and other miscellaneous stuff. Being a wedding decorator in Jaipur thus becomes more of a feat than a simple task, if you’ve ever been to one of these  weddings or seen their pictures. The same could be said about any wedding decorator in Bikaner.

With the modernization of the Indian wedding, have come the phenomena-themes. Wedding themes are slowly becoming the norm for Indian Weddings and it’s one such aspect that any decorator doesn’t shy away from. Wedding decorators in Jaipur and wedding decorators in Bikaner are also savvy to this rising phenomena and offer a plethora of themes that any woman or a man would like their wedding to be based on. These themes range from candle-lit to full white to even bollywood style weddings with artists and musicians or performers.

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