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4 Reasons Why Custom Mobile Cases are Getting More Popular Every Year

4 Reasons Why Custom Mobile Cases are Getting More Popular Every Year

As mobile phones are becoming universally accepted as primary devices for all purposes, custom printed plastic cases are becoming more indispensible too. A large percentage of mobile users want to protect their devices while also adjusting the visual look to personal preference. Retailers can take advantage of this trend, but only if they have a wide offer of cases for phones of various manufacturers.

Here is a list of reasons why so many mobile phone owners like are interested in a personalized case:

All phones look pretty similar

In recent years, phone design tends to be minimalistic, with thin, rectangular shapes used for the body and a touchscreen typically covering the entire front side. For most models, just a few colors of the mask may be available, so the space for personal expression is minimal. That’s where personalized cases can save the day, since they come in any color (or combination of colors) and can include printed graphics or images. Since the case will take care of the visual impression, users can choose the phone based purely on its technical quality.

High end smartphones are getting more expensive

Some of the high-end models of present day smartphones cost a significant sum even if they are purchased with a contract, so users are getting extra careful not to damage them. Plastic case can protect the phone from scratches and bumps, and it represents a solid buffer if the phone drops to the floor. It makes a lot of sense to invest a few dollars more in this kind of protection when you are already spending hundreds on the phone – and a lot of people are realizing how the math works here, driving up the market for on demand phone case printing.

Everyone likes personalized gifts

Quite often, people buy uniquely decorated cases as presents to close friends and family members. By choosing the right design, they show how well they know the person that gets to use the case. It is becoming more common to choose gifts of this kind for business purposes too – as this small sign of attention can make a strong statement. No matter the context, personalization makes the recipient of the gift feel special and adds a lot of emotional value on top of all practical advantages of a high-quality mobile phone case.

Customized cases are available and affordable

New generation suppliers like mt3 are taking mobile phone case customization to a whole another level, providing fast and affordable service around the world. The manufacturing process is so advanced that prices remain surprisingly low even for small series, while bulk orders can be produced even more cost-efficiently. As soon as new model of a smartphone appears on the market, mt3 is ready to ship protective cases that perfectly fit its dimensions. With such a great situation on the supply side, it’s not a surprise that customers are warming up to the idea of purchasing a customized phone ca

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