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The UK Beats other European Countries Hands Down in the Great Universities Count

Let’s have a look at the top universities- Europe. According to the descending order of their ranking, the list of top ten universities in Europe are University of Oxford, UK; University of Cambridge, UK; Imperial College-London, UK; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; University College London, UK; London School of Economics and Political Science, UK; Karolinska Institute, Sweden; LMU Munich, Germany; and King’s College, London, UK.

As can be seen from the list, most of the top ten universities in Europe are from the United Kingdom. It’s no news that the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge are the world leading universities and always occupy the first or the second position in the top universities in the world. These two along with the other top universities- Europe are well-known for their alumni which are leading laureates and prize winners.

The nearest rival of UK in the list of top universities- Europe is Germany. The UK has double the number of top European universities than Germany. Germany has around 20% of the top ten universities in Europe and LMU, Munich is the best European university of German origin. Netherlands comes third in the number of great universities followed by Switzerland. Switzerland has about 10% of the best European universities with the ETH, Zurich being the best European university of Swiss origin. Belgium, France, and Sweden are together on fifth- each claiming to have 5% of the top European universities. Karolinska Institute is the top university in Sweden. KU Leuven is the top university in Belgium, and Ѐcole Normale Supérieure is the top university in France.

Year on year when the list of top universities in the world is enlisted, there are always many of them which are European in origin. The status quo is soon to be disrupted by the Asian universities which are rapidly gaining the momentum to improve the standards and educational curriculum to match those which call themselves the top universities in the world.

If we see a list of almost 1000 great universities of the world, 400 belong to Europe and 289 belong to Asia. Of these 289 universities which belong to 24 countries, 19 make have already marked their position in the top 200.

The listing of universities gives you a fair idea of which university to study from. But it’s not always the definitive measure of the status of education. If the governments start to give more importance to the rankings, then there can be the negative consequences. Otherwise, rankings done on the parameters of research, knowledge transfer, teaching standards, number of faculty, number of foreign students, and the international outlook.

Europe is a tourist destination and full of attractions to visit. A lot of food and cultural events take place and if you are going to the continent for education, it is a complete dream come true expedition. With the best of universities as the option to study in, you are spoilt for the choices.

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