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How to Differentiate Talent Acquisition from Recruitment

It’s very surprising that talent acquisition is often confused with recruitment by so many people. To hire the top talent, one needs to know the differences between talent acquisition and recruitment. Talent acquisition is a cyclical and strategic approach which focuses on identifying, attracting, engaging and onboarding the perfect talent for the perfect roles at the perfect time. It’s aimed towards creating meaningful relationships, foreseeing future hiring needs, and building a sustainable pool of candidates. All of this helps in developing and nurturing a talent pipeline for long-term success.

Recruitment is altogether a sequential process which involves finding a specific candidate to fill a specific position. The primary function is to find the right candidates for the existing job roles which are currently available. Now let’s look into some elements which differentiate talent acquisition from recruitment:

  • First of all, establishing a strong talent management strategy requires a lot of planning. Talent acquisition needs a thorough look at the type of the business and a deep understanding of the future workplace needs. It takes more than just a simple approach, you have to constantly look through a much wider lens which involves more and more planning along with strategizing.
  • The concept of talent acquisition depends on grasping the key elements of different work segments within an organization along with the several positions available within the segments. You need a deep and thorough understanding of the organization’s inner functions and mechanisms. Get fully familiar with them as soon as possible which involves knowing the required skills, experiences and competencies that each role requires.
  • Nowadays, brands are desperate to go beyond attracting the customers. The same thing has happened with the employer branding. Make sure that your organization’s brand image is well-established and attractive enough so that it can be the principle element in talent acquisition. This means developing a positive image and maintaining the organizational culture which will eventually create a good reputation. You have to provide quality products and services to maintain that. A strong brand attracts best candidates while giving them a chance to look at the real picture.
  • The best talent can come from multiple different places. With the help of talent acquisition, you can do the research and recognize the multiple places from where you easily source your candidates. After establishing contact with the potential applicants, ensure you’re maintaining and building those relationships. But you have understood that most of them will not be filling positions right away but may fill down the line.
  • Ensure you’re using key metrics to execute proper tracking and analysis. Talent acquisition is incomplete without collecting and analyzing relevant information. You have to continuously enhance your recruiting process and make better decisions when it comes to hiring the right quality of talent.

All of the aspects are equally important for implementing a powerful strategy which will allow the organization to attract, recruit and maintain best talent.

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