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Android app developer

What should you test while hiring an Android app developer?

With the revolution of technology, services have become easier. You can access and ask for any service from any place with the help of an android application. If you are running a start-up or you own an established organization, technology is something which can make things easy for you. Android applications also help increase your user-base since everyone might not have access to a full-size screen.

So, if you want your mobile application to connect you, better than your expectations, then the team behind it, has to have people who are skilled enough to tackle any technology related problem (back-end) or improve the user interface if required (front-end). To make sure you are hiring the right candidate for the Android development profile, at your company, you can take the help of online developer test which will allow you to find best skills in the candidate.

Which skills are required for being an android developer?

Being a recruiter or the person hiring for the profile, you must know what skills the best Android developer should possess. You may have a different requirement for this profile, according to the job role provided by your company, but the list is here is definitely a good set of point to start looking for in your Android developer candidate. There must be two kinds of skills in an Android developer, technical skills, and nontechnical skills.

What are the technical skills an Android developer should have?


The candidate applying for the Android Developer position must be comfortable with the Java programming language. Android apps can be developed using many different technologies, but most functions are developed in java and android studio for native development. Android developer test will ensure that he has knowledge about all the latest details, the latest version along with the basic syntax and programming structure. He should be comfortable in making documentations and ready to learn at every stage.

Android SDK

This covers the basic concepts of Android, which will help the candidate to understand how well he can do the backend coding. He should be familiar with the basic understanding of layouts, user inputs, and extracting data from the web along with storing the data, adjusting of different sizes and densities.

Comfortable in working with API

As discussed, getting data from the web is the basic necessity for developing any Android app. Thus, many apps have a network-based platform. It can be possible that your company doesn’t require any specific knowledge about API, but yes addition of this knowledge can surely help Android developers for troubleshooting many problems out.


This specific skill is not something mandatory for this profile but whether the candidate had been working alone on the Android projects or with a team in his previous organization, is something that will help you judge him better. He will, sooner or later, need one kind of version control system. It’s okay if he is not expert in managing major conflicts, but he needs to understand the basics of creating it.

Back-end skills

It can be possible you want the candidate to contribute to the back-end system that is used in your company, so make sure he knows the basic concepts of programming and syntax knowledge to support you and him when he needs to do the back end programming for app development.

If you are not sure about how you can handle and conduct these sorts of tests, you don’t need to worry. If you are not the person who has expertise in technical recruitment or your hiring process can be the delay if you handle this process you can always switch to various online android app tests available which can help you choose the best candidate as per your requirement.

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