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Types of test to assess the candidate when hiring

Personality is one of the most important aspects of a person. It is very important to understand the nature of the person in order to assign any task to them. In any organization it is vital that they understand the type of personality – it is on the basis of this the work is assigned. This stands same for students also – the teacher can pay attention more to a weak student if the personality profile is known to them. In the olden times this was a very difficult task – but with the advancement in the technology, there are many personality tests that can be conducted online in order to assess their abilities.

There are various online personality tests which help them understand the behaviour of the person. The online tests are basically questionnaires which are related to the behaviour of the person. In such questions there are no right and wrong answers – you just have to justify yourself why you are doing a particular activity; the logic behind doing the activity in a certain manner.

For e.g. those who are management graduates most of them have a good ability of negotiation. There are employees who are confident about presenting the facts to the opposite party. This is one quality which the companies check and this can be done through personality tests.

They are used for specific reasons – the main objective of the test is to be impersonal and compare the ability of the candidates without any bias. The recruitment process becomes much smoother and efficient. It also reduces the HR costs to a large extent. The psychometric tests are supposed to be the best indicators for performance of the candidate on the job. In most of the cases, the exact personality traits are not possible to be understood, but still a general detail can be known about the personality of the person.

  • Aptitude tests

The aptitude tests are the most commonly conducted tests for psychometric assessment. The aptitude test contains – Verbal reasoning test, Numerical reasoning test, Logical reasoning test, Diagrammatic test and Inductive reasoning test. The type of aptitude test will depend upon what job category you have applied for. Let us say for e.g. the Inductive and Logical reasoning tests are meant for the candidates who are applying for various IT positions.

  • Skill tests

The skill test is meant to check and understand the skills of a candidate. It also assesses how fast a candidate can grasp new skills or rather how fast it can be developed. These tests are paper based activities which consist of multiple choice questions.

  • Personality tests

This is among the most important test. This test assesses your personality based on your behaviour. This confirms how you approach a task and how best you complete it. It will also decide how well you can groom yourself in the culture of the company.

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