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Learn the best time to make the outbound call

What is the right time to call your prospects? Seems surprising, but yes, there is a peak time to call your customers. Just go through this blog to decode the mysterious time when there are high chances to make a sale for your client. There are no rigid rules regarding the best time to call in a contact centre, it could be any time of the day. However, on the other hand, the best time to contact a customer depends upon several liabilities and accountability, which is mostly determined upon the time when the caller is in his/her most receptive time. But a few of the call centre agencies give importance to this particular aspect.

Therefore, here are a few ways to learn the best tactic to make proficient outbound calling to your customers:

  1. Arranging the calling time beforehand

Agents must try to arrange the right calling time before discussing any product or service of an organisation. And when the prospect has agreed to speak to given time it is significant for the call centre agent to call those customers up at the exact time without delaying. If your representatives have given a sales quote to the prospect then it is crucial to maintain or agree a time to discuss the product or service.

  1. Call your customers during normal hours

Don’t call your customers when they are sleeping or during the weekend. Service providers dealing with efficient outbound calling facilities will never commence the idea of calling the customers at night or during the evening or during the weekend. It is unconventional as well as unethical to disturb prospect when they are at the peak time of resting from a hard work day or is relaxing with their families during weekend or holidays.

  1. Business to customer calling

Sales campaigns can only accelerate only when the agent is aware of the best time to call the prospect. Most call centres are therefore initiating effectual technologies to significantly improve efficiency within an outbound call centre. Latest technological tools like predictive dialer system, phone dialer system, etc. but the distressing news it that dialers cannot provide you qualified leads or actual customers, if your target audience is not available to take the calls. The best time to preach your marketing campaign totally depends upon every individual prospect. Although the peak time to call your customers is during afternoon or early evening, however it won’t be preferable time if the target audiences are mostly people who go out midafternoon to shop or collect children from school.

  1. Avoid key occasions

There are times when you have to purposely avoid contact with customers because these are the time where you are less likely get better response from the customer. Some of the occasions are major soap operas like Eastenders, Emmerdale and important sport events like FA cup and Olympics etc.

  1. Avoid the time when people come home from work

A person is tired after work and he/she does not want to waste time on listening to someone taking about a product or service. The time after a person shortly reach home from work and his/her major TV show about to begin. This is the regarded to be one of the best times for calling your prospects, which is around 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

  1. Segmenting customers

Some outbound calling processes use customer segmentation programs to target the audience they are planning to preach the product or service and decide the right time to make the call to the prospect. They mostly do this through a process of several trial and mistake to construct a series of expectations.

Therefore, an agent before calling his/her prospect on behalf of an organisation has to first scrutinise the right time establish a contact between the company and the customer. Customers spread across the world have various time zones and therefore the organisation has to provide services to the prospects according to the convenience of time zone. If the time aspect does not motive your agents to commence calling services to customers then there are chances that even your most qualified lead might fail. This is why timing plays a very pivotal role for call centre dealers as well as for the organisation.

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