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The know-how of Dedicated Server in details

A dedicated hosting server is a type of internet hosting. The dedicated server gives you the authority and access for unlimited speed, bandwidth and resource for the hosting provider. The dedicated hosting server means a private server host exclusive rented by a client company for its individual use, here they got full disk space, and high speed and bandwidth which they do not share with other user.

Although e-commerce website and large company use the dedicated server for handling large amount of data and large volumes of traffic. This site and company can’t afford the server down which leads huge loss in their business. Therefore, they choose dedicated server host in order to guarantee them unlimited data transfer speed, disk storage, high uptimes, excellent tech support and security.

 How does a dedicated server work?

In the dedicated hosting server, the server is configured and managed by the Client Company and after the company can make changes according to their use and handle large amount of data traffic. A dedicated server provides great support from the host company. The client is also free to make as many as domains on a particular server. This feature is useful for a company which has the multiple departments or chain of retail.

It is economical to host one server for the multiple departments than provide a server to each department. The web hosting company also provides a multiple user on a shared platform in which the resources such as disk space, bandwidth is limited in this type of hosting. This makes shared hosting more useful for a single or personal website which have less traffic.

What are the benefits of dedicated server hosting?

  • The dedicated server provides a user’s guarantee than a shared server. In the shared server the speed and the disk space are shared between the user which leads in the slow speed and the full of the disk space. But in the dedicated server hosting client have full command on the hosting of the server. In shared server hosting, the hosting server not provide administration access to the server. While in the Windows dedicated server the client can enjoy the free access to the server and install program or customize the server setting as required.
  • Dedicated server host has the excellent technical support and quick response from the well trained experts so any technical problem is solved in the short amount of time.
  • Dedicated hosting ensures the best security because the servers are stored in the secure environment at a host’s location. It is the duty of the server protected from the fluctuations so that their performances are not affected.
  • Exhaustive assets: You cannot share any detail to other business and so you have all belongings only for your business. The functioning time period will be 99.95%.
  • Dedicated IP address: You get a one of a kind and dedicated IP address for your server, which encourages you to purchase SSL authentication for your online business.

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