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Know about Crowdfundingf Leprosy

Crowdfunding India is India’s best alternative to medical insurance. It is a process which utilizes the power of the crowd to collect money for meeting medical bills of large scales. For example, if you need 20, 000 rupees for a procedure, you alone may be unable to provide it. However, if a group of 100 people come together and pay 200 rupees each, nobody feels any kind of pocket pinch and you meet your goal quite easily. This principle has been used to fund a lot of social work and medical treatment. In fact NGO crowdfunding and medical crowdfunding are the two most common kinds of crowdfunding. Impact Guru is India’s largest crowdfunding platform.

Leprosy is an illness which is particularly conducive to crowdfunded treatment. Mahatma Gandhi is known to have helped leprosy patients and such patients are cast away from society. To put it simply, leprosy is a bacterial disease that affects the peripheral nervous system and spreads from secretions in the body. Crowdfunding can help with treatment for the disease as well as programmes for awareness in society.

Many of us think that leprosy doesn’t happen anymore in our fast-paced modern world but nothing could be farther away from the truth. Within April to September 2016, 79,000 cases of leprosy were detected in India. In fact, India has the highest number of leprosy cases in the world. Treatment of leprosy is through antibiotics. WHO-MDT is usually the provided course of treatment but treatment can continue from six months to two years. As a result, treatment can get expensive.

Leprosy has far reaching effects. It begins with an area in the body feeling numb but can stretch to the loss of limbs and sight if left untreated. Therefore, the disease should be taken seriously and treated right away. One way of dealing with the crisis in funds is through crowdfunding. This crowdfunding can be done individually or through NGOs who work with people suffering from leprosy. Crowdfunding India can help in the process and Impact Guru being the leading platform can play an important role in eradicating the disease.

If you are an NGO worker working with people suffering from leprosy or have a loved one who suffers from the disease or are a victim yourself, you can start a fundraiser on our website. The process takes less than 5 minutes and all collection of money is online. Our campaign manager will help you with the connections so that you don’t have to undergo farther hassle. We release funds within 48 hours. Crowdfunding India has saved hundreds of lives in this country.

Remember that you are not alone and that like-minded people all over the world want to help you. The question is how to bring them together and the crowdfunding platform does exactly that. We are always here to help you.

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