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How to use the power of DISC profiling to improve your workflow

The personality of an employee plays an important part in how he conducts himself at his workplace. Some people are natural leaders while others are more comfortable working in a team. It is therefore important that the personality traits of an individual are clearly understood so that he can be placed in the right place to get the maximum work out of him. To do this job in a systematic and scientific way you need a help of experts who through personality assessment test can evaluate the behavioral pattern of an individual.

Among the many personality assessment tests available in the market, the disc assessment online test is considered amongst the best. In this test, a holistic view of the personality of an individual is taken so that the employee understands his strengths and weaknesses and shapes his activity accordingly to achieve greater productivity. For those employers who are looking for the right kind of employees to fit into their established structure go for disc assessment online tool to get a complete picture about the candidates’ personality profile. This would help them to select the best possible candidate for the job.

The overall structure of the disc assessment online tool is very simple and the candidates have to answer a few objective questions about different scenarios in the life and based on these answers, the profile of a candidate is determined. The disc assessment online test basically separates a person’s behavior into four main categories; Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. The main characteristic of these personalities is as follows.

Dominance: Those people who have this type of personality shows go-getting tendencies and are more tuned into the big picture. Instead of following others, they want to change their environment to get better results. They are very strong willed, determined and self-motivated. They are also very independent minded people and value competency in their colleagues highly. If an employee has the dominant trait, then he should expend his energy in showing patience for others in the team. He should allow more deliberation in the team and not take decisions independently.  All these steps will improve the team dynamics, thereby improving the productivity.

Influence: A person who has Influence trait is basically a team builder and likes to work by managing others. He has great man-management skills and always works through consensuses. A person with Influence as his personality trait does not always follow through with his plan and give more importance to relationship and group activity to create a supporting environment to do a job. He is also more trusting and has a warm personality that allows people to approach him in any difficulty.

Steadiness: A person with steadiness as his personality trait is highly cooperative and believes in giving genuine appreciation to motivate other team members. A person with the steadiness personality trait always believes in achieving his personal goal with active cooperation with others. Such a person should focus more on thinking about his own interest also and not sacrifice it always for the benefit of the group. He should also confront those people who are pursuing their own interest at the cost of the company.

Conscientiousness: This fourth personality trait according to disc assessment online test is for those individuals who are more interested in gaining new knowledge to increase the accuracy of their work. They believe in maintaining the stability of the group to create a healthy and productive environment at the workplace. Such people should focus more on delegating tasks and let go their personal goal that inhibits the group productivity.

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