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Air Conditioner

How to Select the Right AC for Your Home This Summer

Blue Star:  If you are in search of an air conditioner that will keep you comfortable all day long by helping you combat the heat and humidity. The Blue Star AC price pocket-friendly as well. This air conditioner can be used at home or in the workplace. It is extremely useful and easy to install. Various features like Anti-Freeze Thermostat, Auto Restart with Memory Backup, Sleep Mode, Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator and many more, makes this product a must-have for every home or office that requires efficient cooling. The Blue Star air conditioner will help you save a lot on your electricity bill as it only consumes very little electricity. This will help you work or rest without being disturbed.

Samsung: Bring home the Samsung Air Conditioner and enjoy utmost cooling during the hot summer season. Featuring a contemporary and sleek design with a charming white finish, it can easily enhance the look of your living room or wherever it is set in. Not only does this air conditioner look great, but it offers excellent performance as well. This ensures that the air you breathe is pure. This Samsung air conditioner is split type and comes with a lot of beneficial features. It also has simple controls and an attractive design. It reduces the level of humidity to as significant level that usually causes dryness.  It comes with numerous energy saving features that cuts down on the electricity bill as well. Installation is also easy. This air conditioner does not make much noise. Therefore, you can enjoy smooth and noise free operation all the time.

Onida: The Onida Air Conditioner price in India is one of the most revolutionary products from the house of Onida. Packed with a collection of amazing features, this split AC model also has stunning looks to match. This season this is the best option you have to beat the heat in style. This AC from Onida has a wide array of convenient features that will help you use and take care of the machine with conditioner is space-saving as only one unit is enough. The wires and ductwork can be concealed to make it look tidy.

Voltas: Voltas is the most popular and trusted brand when it comes to buying the Air Conditioners. Voltas Air Conditioner Price in India is going to be your right investment to beat the summer heat. It is a split air conditioner offering ductless flow, small size and flexible design. Here, each zone of the machine has its own thermostat. However, it helps in avoiding energy loss associated with the ductwork that can even account up to 30% of the total energy consumption.

Kenstar: It is usually used in the rainy days or damp area. By operating dehumidification mode, the room can achieve comfortable humidity level for the user without reducing room temperature. Turbo cool mode is used to reduce the temperature of your room at the highest possible rate by operating at highest fan speed. Night glow buttons on remote controller help buttons glow in the dark which make it easy to see them in the dark. Auto Air Swing ensures uniform cooling by swing the louvers up and down. Kenstar AC has variable speed of the fan motor allows you to choose a comfortable cool air flow as per convenience. In the event of a power failure, the special chip memorizes the settings like set temp, fan speed etc.

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