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Dos And Don’ts Of Outsourcing Your Business

Since the early nineties, companies are seeking advice from other countries over outsourcing different businesses that are non-core yet vital to run a company. Companies have outsourced their products and services to BPO for a very long time. Services like human resources, policies and regulation management, customer support, and resolving queries were the prime outsourcing business. Not only did it helped companies in focusing on the core competencies but also assisted them in gaining more revenues, as it turned out to be a cost effective process.

Through all these years, reputed BPO outsourcing has gained importance and has become the vital portion of the company’s mainframe business. But outsourcing is no smaller business to handle. Here are some dos and don’ts which one must keep in mind while going for BPO outsourcing:

Don’t assume outsourcing to be a small fix or a temporary work:

Do not consider outsourcing business to be a temporary fix to some parts which you are unable to focus on right now. Rather, think outsourcing to be a long-term partnership as it helps tremendously in reducing the burden of handling all the work in the various business fields and at the same time helps in increasing revenue and reputation for the company.

Do learn their tactics and techniques:

BPO outsourcing business firms are well known for dealing with their customers in a proficient manner. Learn the tactics and skills of management from them, and try to incorporate the same in your daily business. Enhance their as well as your talent together to boost your company’s revenue and growth.

Do outsource those skills that are not often used:

Choose your area in which you want to outsource your business carefully. Whichever field you think can be your weakness, try to outsource those areas to the experts.

Do not give the complete authorization to the outsourcing units:

Undoubtedly, trust is the most important part in a partnership of two business. But sometimes the outside agency doesn’t know the nature of customers they are going to deal with or what the customer’s expectation from the very businesses are. Try to depart all that you expect your agents to perform. Nobody knows the company better than you do. Therefore, for the time being, just guide your vendors on how to work until they are completely trained.

Do keep desired or core work for your employees:

A sense of competitive edge can develop between your employees and the third party vendors. You can simply avoid these problems by keeping the desired work for your employees. After all, it’s them who should be given the priority of choosing their own tasks so that work doesn’t look like a burden and they are able to execute their work sincerely.

Do consider all legal aspects of outsourcing:

Before getting into any BPO outsourcing partnership, get to know the benefits as well as the risks associated with the same. Consider all the factors where you can face loss of informative data and resources and then take proper measures to avoid them.

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